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Arriving in the U.S.A

Published on 04/10/16

As we arrived in the airport ,in Houston, on the Dec. 16 we were all excited to be home again. We were surprised at the culture shock we had to deal with and Brenna even accidentally spoke to someone in Spanish once.

Arriving in the USA

Help & Hospitality

Published on 04/20/13
Help  38 Hospitality

Kevin has become a good friend, and a big help with learning Spanish. It has been good to extend hospitality to him and others. Mario’s family has come over and we appreciate their patience and willingness to help Gerald too. The fellowship has been deeply enjoyable as we have shared in the word and pray for one another.

In Preparation to Join Us!

Published on 02/22/13
In Preparation to Join Us

We are excited that the Chiesa family is working hard to forge ahead on deputation in this new year. They have already scheduled at least eight meetings. It is great to hear of supporters that have sensed the Lord’s leading to partner with them! Please pray that doors would open readily for them to share the calling of the Lord upon their lives. It would be exciting if they could join us in Katy rather soon after our arrival this December. You can visit their website that is posted on our home page under “Quick Connections”.

Dia del amor y amistad!

Published on 02/18/13
Dia del amor y amistad

The family had a good time at the San Valentin party for the youth at Iglesia Biblia Bautista. Julie and I helped prepare the meal that was served by the guys to the gals. The girls enjoyed the evening with new found friends.

We are in this together!

Published on 02/18/13
We are in this together

This was the initial class. Since then I have moved and my second class has morphed a bit. We first trimester people are all in the same boat though. Just trying to stay afloat!