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Archive of Ministry Blog

April, 2016

Back Yard Bible Club
New Sign
Hiding God’s Word In Our Hearts
Saying Goodbye
Moving In
Arriving in the U.S.A

April, 2013

Help & Hospitality

February, 2013

In Preparation to Join Us!
Dia del amor y amistad!
We are in this together!

January, 2013

The eagle (or Hawks as the case may be) has landed!

December, 2012

Follow On

November, 2012

Making Repairs at Good News in Katy

October, 2012

Ministering in Music

August, 2012

Team Katy in Action

July, 2012

Who’s driving this thing!

June, 2012

Fringe Benefits
Very Present Help

May, 2012

Step One Completed!
Lasting Friendships!
Giving Testimony
Closer to the Goal!

April, 2012

Lovin’ Katy!

January, 2012

Our Support Level is on the Rise!
Little Helping Hands

December, 2011

Welding Friendships
Fellowship in the Gospel

November, 2011

Little Aaron – Capturing Hearts!

September, 2011

Blessed Partnership!

June, 2011

Happy Traveling
Opportunity for the Spirit to Work
Challenging Children Concerning the Call of Christ!

March, 2011

Olivet’s Centennial Celebration!
Enjoying True Christian Fellowship

November, 2010

Autumn Madness

September, 2010

Matters of Rejoicing

August, 2010

Divine Appointment

April, 2010

Receiving One Another
Sweet Fellowship

March, 2010

Making Connections
Outreach by Children

January, 2010

Another Little Hawklet
Serving Christ as a Family

November, 2009

We just keep trusting our Lord as we walk along!
Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!
God’s little reward!
Who says deputation is no fun?

October, 2009

Testimony in the “Advance”
Sweet Fellowship
MARBC Conference here we come!
A Family Affair

September, 2009

Future Member of our Ministry Team is to be a Boy!
Praise to Our Lord
Serving the Lord
Recording Complete – PTL!

August, 2009

Singing I go . . . Praising the Lord!
Picture Perfect!?
Moving Frenzy