Published on 04/08/10

Over the past few weeks we have seen our little Isaiah struggling in various ways with his attitude. Julie and I had an idea that it was because of conviction by the Spirit. Then our suspicions were confirmed last week as we talked with Isaiah and he with us about salvation. There was much confusion and turmoil in this little life. Then just last night while Julie was tucking him into bed, he spoke up and said, “Mom, I’m going to be saved right now because I believe in Jesus with all my heart.” Julie relayed her delight, but said they would talk today. Isaiah Daniel Isaiah came to dad this morning and told of his declaration last evening. As I spoke with him all the confusion of last week seemed rather cleared up in his mind. He gave clear confession that he was a sinner and that Jesus had died and rose again for his sin. I shared Romans 10:13, and asked him if he wanted to “call on the name of the Lord.” Isaiah said he would talk to God, but that God already knew he had believed in Jesus and that he had been saved last night. What rejoicing to our hearts and in heaven!!