Challenging Children Concerning the Call of Christ!

Published on 06/12/11
Challenging Children Concerning the Call of Christ

Words cannot begin to tell of the wonderful experience we had at Ankeny Baptist’s VBS! One mom relayed her daughters sentiment about our time of sharing with, “missionary time is my favorite part of VBS.” That was truly a huge encouragement. In keeping with the theme, it put gas in our tank!

Julie and I shared about the life of William Haas, missionary explorer and founder of Baptist Mid-Missions. The theme verses of our missionary segment were 1 Corinthians 1:26-31.

It was something to see God give a high of 182 children on Thursday. Among those in attendance many did not have a church home. Pray that they will be assimilated into the church along with some of their parents. Praise the Lord for at least 4 salvation decisions during the week!!

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